Staffing is more than absence

More grip on employability

If you want to have a grip on the costs of absenteeism, you need to be on top of the process of Poortwachter and sometimes approach things differently. In our experience, this does not happen enough. That is why we have set up our own absence management organization in consultation with a number of large insurers. Because of our transparent and clear way of working, we can support you with what is necessary and not what has to be done according to the rules. Of course fully documented and in consultation with Parties.

“Health is an invaluable wealth. Invest while you still can.”

The right handles

Employability guidance where insurers, entrepreneurs, employers, employees and professionals find each other

IDSG Group is a consultant organization for absence support where insurers, entrepreneurs, employers, employees and professionals find each other. With the right handles, adequate initiatives and interventions are developed in order to support personnel care in the broadest sense.

Our goal

Of course, we do this work for a reason. Our goal is very emphatically to make the most efficient interventions where and when needed through cost control and transparency in appointments. If possible, we will precede this with preventive care.

"People can only excel when they are doing what they do best and the right conditions are in place to do so."

Absence application

Ahead through technology with the IDSG Healthcare App

It is very important to know the start of an illness early. Basically, we receive the sick call through the employer. Then, these reports are tracked in IDSG Group’s absence application, the IDSG Healthcare app. Right from the start, we start filtering out various causes of the sick call. If necessary, we intervene immediately.

Sustainable employability

Lifting Others concept

‘Lifting Others’ is a practical approach from our HR and Healthcare departments for sustainable employability.

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