Empowering physicians and community healthcare

IDSG investments in healthcare

IDSG’s investments in healthcare are based on the idea of empowering physicians and community healthcare. Part of our core philosophy is to run our healthcare facilities efficiently so that physicians can focus on providing excellent care to patients. In this way, we can eliminate the frustrating inefficiencies of traditional healthcare systems and stay true to our goal of providing quality healthcare.

We focus on creating value with our business partners by investing in inefficient markets that offer growth potential. Through creativity, hard work and disciplined risk-taking, we pursue opportunities to deliver exceptional returns for all stakeholders.

Why invest in healthcare

Our steadily growing exposure to private equity in healthcare is due to our commitment to investments that are generally unaffected by equity market movements. The healthcare industry has always been a central part of the economy and far outpaces other private equity investment sectors. 

The increasing demand for healthcare services and the dynamism of the industry provide investors with limitless opportunities. As a result, healthcare acquisitions have become a popular private equity opportunity for investment firms in the Netherlands. Our healthcare origins began with an imaging company and have expanded into a network of specialized healthcare systems.

"Health is a priceless wealth. Invest while you can."

Our healthcare portfolios

Our clients can be confident that when they invest in our healthcare portfolios, they will benefit from an industry that is poised for growth. We are proud to have refined our portfolio and increased our focus on areas that yield profits. Across Texas, our extensive portfolio includes three hospitals, six ambulatory urgent care centers and three freestanding urgent care centers.


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