Sustainable employability

More commitment, job satisfaction and less absenteeism

Does your organization suffer from high absenteeism or turnover among employees, for example because they experience a high workload? And is productivity lower than desired as a result?

Do you think sustainable employability is important, but don’t know where to start? Or have you tried everything, but just can’t get employees and managers to move?

Lifting Others

With the ‘Lifting Others’ concept you work on these challenges in an easy way

‘Lifting Others’ is a practical approach from our HR and Healthcare departments for sustainable employability. As an employer you can gain insight into the opportunities and challenges within your organization. While your employees work on specific solutions themselves.

  • Insight into your opportunities and challenges in the field of sustainable employability
  • Your employees get to work themselves via the IDSG Healthcare App
  • More engagement, productivity and job satisfaction within your organization

Our mission

In our ideal world, our relationships suffer as little inconvenience as possible. And we are a strong club of partners who help each other in every conceivable way. For example, we have been discussing sustainable employability with employers for years. After all, current developments and trends have a great impact on work. This all generates new questions for employers and employees. Lifting Others’ has the solution.

Did you know?

The Sustainable Employability Manifesto* shows that a company with 100 employees can save up to €41,000 per year with a 1% decrease in sick leave. An increase of 1% in productivity can also mean an increase in turnover of € 95,000.

Do you want to know what this can mean for you?
Please contact us and we will gladly find out for you.

Lifting Others offers benefits for employers and employees

For you as an employer

For your employees

“For example, an inspirational session can help executives start the conversation about sustainable employability with employees.”

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