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Asset Management Services

Thoughtful and prudent asset management

We use clear and comprehensive solutions to manage your assets. These are aimed at a balanced growth of your investment over the long run. Our experienced asset management team is proud of its proven track record.

Our investment philosophy is characterized by Global diversification and Structured investment processes.

How do we actually construct the investment portfolios? First, we determine the distribution of the investment portfolio. This decision has the greatest impact on the actual return. As a second step, we select the regions and sectors in which we want to invest. A finally, we select the concrete composition of the portfolio. This is done specialized internal and external investment specialists.

Global diversification

A broad spread is essential for any investment portfolio. This reduces the risks considerably. We invest globally, aiming for the most optimal spread and risk diversification.

Structured investment process

During our investment process we make use of internal- and external professional knowledge.  As a result, we analyze various investment categories in a consistent manner on the basis of a number of short-term and long-term indicators.