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IDSG Crowdfunding

Specialized in financing and scaling

Healthcare, social entrepreneurs and start-ups

IDSG is an investment platform specialized in financing and scaling healthcare, social entrepreneurs and start-ups. Our vision is to shape the future by creating an investment platform that has the reach of crowdfunding and the structure of venture capital.

Strong community relationships based on trust and transparency is what we stand for. We create value – for investors and tech start-ups alike – through a digitized portfolio of investment processes, a quality over quantity mindset and access to scalable business ideas.

offers you

A crowdfunding campaign can benefit anyone, anywhere. Our service allows you collect donations from supporters in The Netherlands and internationally. Find out why more creatives are choosing IDSG for their campaigns.

We’re here for you. Our service supports healthcare, social entrepreneurs, (tech)start-ups, changemakers and more, helping them to connect directly with the people most passionate about their work. Get in touch with our support team through our contact page with any questions.


Own your share of a start-up!

Our experienced investment team identifies and conducts research on thousands of companies to list tech start-ups investment opportunities you can access alongside trusted VCs and angel investors at same terms.

For each equity crowdfunding campaign, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) is set up to which the investors participating in that campaign will join. SPV will invest in the company to be financed and will exercise its role of partner / shareholder. The amount you invest and the capital issued / number of shares purchased will affect your ownership percentage of the business. We ensure that investors have access to complete, necessary, sufficient information to conduct their own risk analysis.