Insurance is more than a policy

Isn't it a necessary evil?

Yes, if you look at it closely, it is. After all, there are risks you can’t run yourself. To come to a good advice you have to look beyond just a policy. We discuss all aspects that play a role in determining the level of risk. And then it turns out that things can often be done differently! Has your interest been piqued?

Sustainable employability

Sustainable Employability as a result of the Wet Verbetering Poortwachter (Dutch Gatekeeper’s Act) an employer is obliged to have an active reintegration policy. IDSG Group believes that this service should provide comprehensive support for the reintegration of sick employees.
All aimed at sustainable employability of personnel. The employer and employee can get information and advice from us on topics related to reintegration. If a reintegration activity mentioned in the plan makes a substantial contribution to limiting the duration of absence, compensation can be granted as a contribution to the costs.

Other costs may include: "Recourse"

When your employee is unable to work due to someone else’s fault. For you, the wage costs continue as usual. Fortunately, you can recover these wage losses from the liable party. But which damages can and cannot be recovered? Here is a brief overview of your possibilities.

  • Culprit is liable
  • Recovery of costs is worthwhile
  • Reintegration costs are also reimbursed.


As an entrepreneur, you are constantly working to optimize your business. This often goes hand in hand with automation and digitization. The benefits are obvious, but you also run into new risks. Companies are increasingly affected by viruses, hacking, DDos attacks, ransomware and system intrusions. But there is also the risk of data breaches due to human error or technical failures. This can have a huge impact on your business. With cyber insurance from IDSG Group, you protect your business from damage caused by cyber incidents.

With our Cyber Insurance, you protect yourself against damage caused by an incident. But you’d rather prevent it from coming to that. That will save you a lot of misery. You can limit cybercrime and cyber risks with the right precautions.

Want to know what cyber risks your company is susceptible to?

Our cyber security experts will be happy to tell you where you are at risk and what can be done about it.